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News Box Pro

( ver. 1.01 )

Get your own customized News Box for your website
Edit settings, update & try it !

X pos :
Y pos :
Width :
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COPY CODE INTO BODY OF YOUR WEBSITE: ( auto update on change )

You now have your own embeded news box!
Tested and works with: 
Notes: Customized buttons and moving the newsbox with mouse works in all browsers except Internet Explorer. So fallback to standard buttons in IE. Hopefully upgraded later. Also skins and more options to come in later upgrades. This newsbox updates once every hour from your favorite youtube news channel. It scrolls the last 8 videos and play the video you click on. You can customize it as you like, just change the width and height, channelname and try it here. Copy the code from the white textarea into your website and you got yourself a free youtube player or news player.